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  What do our ASPIRE55 Club Members think about us? 

"The instructors at ASPIRE55 are very encouraging & helpful. Because the group is small, we get to know each other, become friends,& a community to support each other. My husband has a personal trainer in Norman who is very patient, encouraging & knowledgeable. We enjoy our training sessions, & have brought friends to join too."

Molly, ASPIRE55 Gold Member, 74 years old

"What I enjoy most about being at ASPIRE55 is the fellowship and bonding time we have with the other members.  We share a lot of stuff together, and you will be surprised, the hot topic is: “where to eat?”  Some of the other gyms I have visited are sometimes filled with those young sexy or brawny members.  At ASPIRE55, as we are all over 55, we can really let our hair down and not have to wonder if these young people are laughing at how we are handling the machines.   

ASPIRE55 also offers brain training activities which we can enjoy with one another either before or after our workout sessions.  As I am short on time, I do not stay back often for these brain gym activities, but I am planning to make an effort to do so soon.  I am fearful of getting dementia.  Last week, I had lunch with different groups of friends and discovered that two are already having dementia and one has early onset of dementia!"

Amanda, ASPIRE55 Gold Member, 59 years old

"I joined ASPIRE55 in October 2014 with the intention of improving strength and balance. Since then, I have experienced improvements in both strength and balance, which also improves in my quality of life. I enjoy working out at ASPIRE55 because numerous reason. One of the reason is the good trainer to clients ratio which allows sufficient attention for every client to ensure that the workout is done correctly. The trainers are friendly and approachable to seek recommendations for exercises suitable for you. However, the most important reason is the warm atmosphere to workout in, interacting with like-minded individuals who believes in active ageing

Christina, ASPIRE55 Gold Member, 64 years old

"I'm one of the pioneer member of ASPIRE55. Joined the first trial (introduction programme), enjoyed and became a Gold member. I'm In my second year now and every Tues & Thurs morning, I look forward to coming to the gym. The staff are like family now. We have been to activities like Rock Climbing, Cycling at Pulau Ubin and Megazip Adventure in Sentosa. I have improved on my muscle strength, agility and best of us is building muscles on my butt. I like the quarterly assessment test on our overall progress. Although I play tennis twice or sometimes thrice a week, working out at the gym prevent the loss of muscle mass. I have introduced a few friends and they are happy."

Jenni, ASPIRE55 Gold Member, 61 years old

"I took part in the 10-week trial (introduction programme) in Oct 2014.  Initially there were muscle aches (signs of under utilised muscles n insufficient exercise)ยท However after a few sessions using the machines with programmes that Aspire designed for me based on my age group n health condition,  I experienced tremendous improvements such as better sleep, more alert,  better balance, improved appetite. After the trial,  I joined as a gold member n I'm in my 2nd year now.  Each week,  I look forward to coming for my sessions including a mid week one after my work. The warm up,  obstacle exercises n cool down workouts were helpful too. It's never too late to start an exercise regime.  For mid career individuals,  it's skillsfuture, for us it's healthfuture...." 

E Chui, ASPIRE55 Gold Member, 58 years old

"ASPIRE55 is the reason for my physical health and fitness. It isn't easy getting out of the house to go for a workout at the gym but ASPIRE55 has made the place so welcoming and friendly that one is happy to go! People are kind, gentle and try to be helpful, sometimes going beyond the call of duty. A different environment altogether for us elderlies and this is much appreciated.

During the Covid-19 stay home, ASPIRE55 shared many interesting videos and webinars to keep us up to date and provided great workouts for us to follow under zoom.

Thumbs up!"

Julia F. ASPIRE55 Gold Member, 71 years old.

"ASPIRE55 is passionate about their mission to help the members to achieve a healthy lifestyle through the proper use of the gym equipment. The trainers are well qualified, patient and caring in their effort to help the members attain the right fitness level."

Siew Tee, ASPIRE55 Silver Member, 60 years old

"I joined the trial (introduction programme) and experienced  improved  flexibility, strength and balance at the end of the 10 weeks. Signed on as a Gold member as needed to strengthen a weak knee. Touch wood...  have not had a relapse of pain in my knee since. Made many good friends, as it's a community rather than strictly just a gym. I always look forward to the sessions as it feels more  like a gathering of friends.  We exercise, chat, share tips and experiences, peppered with much fun and laughter. I like the varied  activities that we might not have otherwise experience, such as rock climbing, cycling at Pulau Ubin , Mega zip at Sentosa  and Dragon Boat, are planned for members, under supervision of the trainers. Trainers are a big plus for me, as all are very professional, knowledgeable and most importantly, caring and sincere. Overall, a very holistic program...  for the body and soul." 

Wendy, ASPIRE55 Gold Member, 56 years old

"My husband and I enjoy our weekly exercise at ASPIRE55.  Not only do these regular exercises improve our strength and stamina,  we get to socialise with others who see the importance of such exercise routine."

Cynthia, ASPIRE55 Gold Member, 62 years old

"Participation in ASPIRE55 gym regularly strengthens my core muscles and enables me to engage more actively in community activities." 

Monica, ASPIRE55 Gold Member, 60 years old

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