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ASPIRE55 - Asia’s first virtual retirement village, is a wellbeing community that offers a combination of social, health and care services that are typically available at a real retirement village, but enables members to continue living in their existing homes. Designed by a team of young and energetic facilitators, our programmes are focused on fun, health and fostering of the ‘kampong’ spirit. This membership programme is tailored for over 55s who would like to take a proactive approach towards staying healthy, mobile and independent as they age. Members will participate in preventive health activities like strength training for falls and incontinence prevention, brain training to reduce risks of dementia and regular social activities.

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2.     What is ASPIRE55 vision and aspirations?

ASPIRE55 vision focuses on “Wellbeing for Older Adults” - where we aim to build Singapore’s healthiest and happiest community. All our Gold members are monitored on their fitness progression on a quarterly basis via the latest in global technologies and global benchmarks. Each Gold member receives a fitness assessment report every quarter.

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3.     How is ASPIRE55 different from other recreational clubs and gyms?

We are focused on older people aged over 50, yet create an environment where the interactions are an intergenerational mix of young and old. As the first in Singapore and Asia, we pride ourselves on a family and home environment where we encourage older people to look after their health, increase strength, improve balance and memory via our programmes. We suit people looking for a  small club like environment that is unlike traditional large scale clubs and gyms. While our membership base is big, our typical member activities range from as small as 5 to 60, making it easy for members to get to know each other with meaningful interactions.

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4.     Who can join ASPIRE55?

Anyone above 50 years old who lives in Singapore, including children of these individuals. We welcome family to workout together.

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5.     Who are our typical members?

Most of our members are English speaking, with a recent increase in Mandarin speaking members. As such, we do have capabilities to create bilingual programmes and some of our trainers can conduct sessions in both languages. They are typically aged 50 – 90 years old, well travelled, fun loving and independent. Most importantly, our members share a common desire to age in good health and maintain their independence.

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6.     I am not sure if this club suits my loved one (Mum, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa), they don't like socializing or participate in your gym programmes?

Many of our members have never exercised in a gym before. They find conventional gyms large and intimidating.  We focus on small, homely and family interactions with our staff becoming the second family to members. We help to motivate members, encourage them during the programmes and help them with strength, balance and memory activities that will help them age more successfully. We encourage you to bring them for a visit to our Clubhouses at One Commonwealth. Drop by for our regular open houses for a coffee and chit chat.

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7.     How do I join ASPIRE55?

You can complete the online form in our website here and select the preferred membership tier.

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More about ASPIRE55 Membership:

1.     What is the difference between the membership tiers?
    • Silver Membership has a one-time fee of S$50 for all Singapore citizens and residents above 50 years old who are very active within their communities and may not have the time to participate in our strength training sessions on a regular basis or regular the concierge services. These members are not frequent registrants for our activities, hence may not see the need to have higher discounts on the various activities. Being a Silver Member, will enable you to sign up for our Introduction Programme on Strength Training.
    • Silver Fitness or Gold Membership cost between $600 - $3,300 (dependent on number of credits purchased and validity) for Singapore citizens and residents above 50 years old, who is keen to have full access to the virtual retirement village services, including regular strength training sessions and physical assessments, to enable them to age healthily and in-place.

To understand more about our membership programme, please contact Kevin (+65  8138 2387) or Yiing Ching at (+65 9852 2281) for a chat or drop in to our clubhouses at One Commonwealth.

2.     When should members upgrade to Gold Membership?

Our Gold membership is designed for individuals who are keen to have full access of a virtual retirement village services - health, household and recreational services. 

      • Healthy ageing through regular strength training sessions
      • Access to brain gym activities at discounted prices
      • Recreational activities specially designed for members, e.g. health talks and high tea, picnics, travels & holidays at reasonable prices
      • Priority booking/ access to our events or our partners' events
      • Concierge services to support household related services, .e.g transportation services, food delivery, home care, etc, payable directly to the service providers

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3.     Can the opening hours be extended to the evenings or 7 days a week instead of the current 6 days week between 9am - 6pm?

Yes, there is a possibility to extend the opening hours. In regards to workout sessions at Clubhouse, this is dependent on the demand, where if we have 6 or more members requesting for a certain slot / period of opening hours, e.g. once a week to extend to 9pm or to open on Sunday afternoons.

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4.     How much is the Silver Fitness/ Gold Membership fees? Is there any special discount?

Please refer to here for the various Fitness Membership Packages available. The fitness packages are discounted rate as compared to walk-in rates.

Please take note that membership pricing are cheaper than per session booking rate or shorter period passes. Therefore, should you wish to cancel your membership mid-way, we would pro-rate your utilised credits at $50 per credit.

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5.     What is the validity period for a paid Silver Fitness or Gold Membership?

Silver Fitness and Gold membership validity period range between 1 month up to 15 months. This is dependent on the fitness package selected.  Please refer to here for the various Fitness Membership Packages available

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6.     What happens if I am cannot finish utilising the credits before the expiry date?

The remaining credits will be forfeited. However, if you renew your membership before the expiry date, the remaining credits will be rolled-over (carried over) to your new membership. For example, if you have 10 credits remaining and you renew your membership on the 40 credits Fitness Package, your new membership credits will be 50 credits (40 new + 10 roll-over)

7.     Can I top up credits until my membership expiry date?

Yes, you can top up credits based on your current membership package. You can have a maximum of 2x top up of credits. For example if your membership package is $25 per credit, you may top up 10 credits for $250.

Strength Training Workout Sessions:

1.     What if I go for holidays for long periods, can I suspend the account?

There will not be any suspension of account allowed; however for certain situations, it can be discussed with management for an exception. The annual membership works like a subscription to the services of retirement village. For individuals who travel frequently, we would recommend to purchase the fitness passes packages. For the pricing of these fitness passes, click here for more details.

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2.     What about replacement workout sessions to recover the time away?

Replacement workout session can be arranged, provided that there are available slots. Please discuss this with the Clubhouse Manager before your holiday or time away. Only a maximum of 3 workout session per week is allowed, to enable sufficient recovery time in between sessions.

However, for late cancellations (less than 24 hours notice) or absent from the workout session, no replacement session will be granted. The missed workout session will be counted as an utilised session.

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3.     Is there an option to have flexibility on number of workout sessions and frequency of these sessions?

Yes, members can opt to purchase 1-month, 3-months or 6-months fitness passes to have access to the workout sessions at a reduced price as compared to $70 per session for Silver Members. Members who purchase the fitness classes can have the flexibility to attend up to 3X a week workout sessions and can top up for more passes when required.  For the pricing of these fitness passes, click here for more details.

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4.     Would there be workout sessions during public holidays?

We would like our staff and members to have some rest days too and enjoy the public holidays. Therefore, the Clubhouse would not be open on public holidays. We would also close the Clubhouse on the last 2 weeks of the year due to the festive season.

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5.     Would each workout session have warm up session?

Yes, there would be a 10-15 minutes of warm up prior to the circuit training as part of the 60 minutes workout session. Do take note that the type or structure of the warm-up sessions would vary based on the trainer assigned for the workout session.

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6.     How do I book for workout sessions?
    • After the orientation / pre-workout, the trainer will suggest which of the group class is suitable for the member(s)/ participant(s).  Members/ participants can discuss and choose their time slots with our trainer / fitness facilitators.
    • For Gold Memberships, we recommend for members to pre-book/ fix their preferred 2 time slots per week based on the level of training and availability of the time slots. Members can change their time slot by informing the trainer or Clubhouse Manager in advance.
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7.   Can I change the pre-book workout sessions?

Yes, you can change your pre-booked time slot by contacting our Clubhouse Manager / trainers or to inform them at least a week before, during one of your training sessions.

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8.   What is the size of each workout session?

Each workout session has a maximum of 9 members per session to 1 trainer on-site to guide and oversee the workout session at One Commonwealth while it is a maximum of 6 members per session to 1 trainer at 51 Waterloo Street.

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