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Exercise for Older Adults

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Longevity in Singapore

Source: 13 April 2016, Ministry of Health, Singapore

Health News

Research indicates that the correct type of resistance, or muscular training helps maintain functional ability. HUR allows older people to exercise more safely by reducing stress on joints and connective tissues. Using air as resistance overcomes the additional effort required to lift a static weight at the beginning of an exercise and to slow it down at the end. Maintaining a more consistent resistance profile reduces stress on vulnerable joints and connective tissues and makes the movement feel 'smoother' and easier to execute.

2 Nov 2015, The Straits Times, "Can we be smarter", Richard A Friedman - We cannot increase our innate intelligence, but exercising and socialising can help us maximise cognitive potential ... Read more...

Food Guide to Good Health

The four food groups and recommended daily servings:

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