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Welcoming our Immunity Supplement Partner - Santivia Immune

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Each capsule of Santivia┬« Immune is power-packed with the synergistic combination of clinically proven immune modulator Ai/E10┬« and superfood antioxidant, blueberry fruit extract which counters free radicals and oxidative stress. 


  • Prevention - Help fight off immune system attacks before they start
  • Defence Your body is better able to counter the harmful effects of daily stressors and environmental factors
  • Boost & Balance Boosts a weak immune system & balances an overactive immune response
  • Fewer sick days - Naturally supports your immune health 
  • Clinically proven - Increases Nk cell activity important for strong immunity 


  • Whole food supplement
  • For adults and kids- one supplement for the whole family
  • Safe for daily long term use
  • Free from gluten, wheat, soy, preservatives, added sugars
  • No artificial flavours and colouring
  • Suitable for vegetarians
  • Suitable for those with lactose & casein intolerance
  • No unnecessary fillers


The Story Behind the Creation of Santivia

Santivia┬« is the result of the efforts of a mother and daughter duo, Lynette and Melanie Lee, who were inspired to create a product for the whole family that is effective, unique and truly balances the immune system.  Their aim is to create awareness of the importance of balanced immunity. Only with a balanced immune system can the body defend itself against illnesses. The lifestyle issue of today is that many of us have compromised and overstimulated immune systems because of common factors called the “PITSS”- Poor nutrition, Infections, Toxins, Sleep deprivation and Stress. They believe in the power of whole food nutrition, that the path to good health comes from nature and not a laboratory. Every person should be empowered to attain their best health so they can enjoy a life of purpose and fulfilment.

A Mother’s Journey

Lynette is a qualified pharmacist for over 50 years. She has always been on the forefront of health advances having worked in pharmaceuticals, medical, beauty and nutraceuticals for years. She found herself searching for a solution for her sickly daughter, Melanie, who struggled with constant respiratory and ear infections, and severe daily allergies. While as a board member of an immune product and research company, she came across a unique immune modulator which was supported by years of clinical and scientific studies, several patents and testimonials. She went through all the detailed data and decided to try it on Melanie. To both their amazement, Melanie’s incidence of illness reduced dramatically and after 6-8 months, even her allergies subsided.

Lynette who was also a partner in childcare centres noticed the increasing number of kids who were constantly absent from school. When one child got ill, they all passed it around and then they took the bugs home and circulated it amongst the family. The parents then brought it to their offices and to their colleagues. Lynette knew that she had to do something to help people. Her strong belief is that no matter your current health today, you can and should take steps to improve it. Many health problems can be avoided with a balanced immune system.

A Daughter’s Recovery

Melanie was always sickly, especially with her long working hours and hectic travel schedule as a lawyer. She was plagued by allergic rhinitis that sent her to frequent trips to the Ear Nose & Throat doctors. She was on a regime of antihistamines, antibiotics, steroids and ear drops and gave up on sea sports. She feels blessed to now lead a normal and active life.  Seeing so many people succumb to poor health ranging from common flu to chronic illness, she felt a strong desire to have other people benefit the way she has and to empower them to achieve their best health. Together, mother and daughter decided to make this calling a reality.

“Being 70+ years of age, I am concerned with the high incidence of cancer with statistics of 1 out of every 2 people. I take Santivia Immune daily to keep my immune system in tip top condition. If I am exposed to infectious people, feel rundown or stressed, I will immediately take higher servings than the daily maintenance serving of 1 capsule twice a day. I increase it to 2 capsules twice or three times daily. I have been in many travel groups where everyone had a cold or flu except my family and me who were taking this immune product.”      - Lynette Lee

“I was sick every 2 months with respiratory infections and suffered from chronic, severe daily allergies. Those who knew me then can attest to the constant sneezing, bleeding and runny nose, watery eyes, itchy throat and ear infections. Every morning I would wake up in a terrible state and required a whole box of tissues. I slept with 5 layers of bed linen and had to use anti-dust mite spray on bedding and curtains. Now my life has changed and I have never felt healthier!  Our mission is to help everyone achieve their best health and enjoying a wonderful quality of life .”    - Melanie Lee

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