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ASPIRE55 Workshop: Discover Yourself with Triple B. (Breathing, Balance, and Body Awareness)! - 4th Run

  • 01 Apr 2020
  • 1:00 PM - 4:30 PM
  • ASPIRE55 Sterling - 51 Waterloo St, #01-06, S187969
  • 2



(Breathing, Balance, and Body Awareness)

This workshop aims to give you a better understanding of our bodies. It includes improving your breathing pattern, your balance and body-awareness.

  • Find out what it means to manage your stress level and how it causes us to feel pain/discomfort.

  • You will be shown the different type of breathing patterns and what you can do to improve.

  • We will break down the different senses that assist in balance and how you can improve the functionality of them and ultimately integrate them together.

  • We have both left and right side of the body, but are we truly utilising them - for example, when we stand - do we stand on the right leg or left leg only?

At the end of this workshop, you will be equipped with tools/drills to improve your breathing, vision, balance and body-awareness. Also, you will understand how asymptomatic pain/discomfort can be attributed from poor stress management and recovery.

Workshop outline:

  • Is our body symmetrical, are our senses symmetrical, and how we react in times of stressful situation (senses & discomfort).
  • The Autonomic Nervous system - Our 5 senses work together harmoniously
  • Balance isn’t just muscular strength
  • Breathing - Types of breathers, breathing resets, power of exhale and pause
  • How breathing affects balance
  • What is it and what can you do? Vision, vestibular, and proprioception
  • Shifting - Can you truly shift to one side, shifting to the right/left
  • Integrating all we learnt to improve balance
  • Breathing positions (sitting/standing)
  • Connecting with senses
  • Conclusion

Workshop details:

  • Date: 1 April 2020 (Wed)
  • Duration: 3.5hrs (broken into 2 parts, with 30mins break)
  • Venue: ASPIRE55 STERLING - 51 Waterloo St, #01-06, S187969
  • Minimum number of participants to commence: 6 pax
  • Maximum intake: 10 pax

About the instructors:

Samuel (right in photo) is an ACE certified personal trainer and a FRC (functional range conditioning) mobility specialist. He works on improving his clients mobility, body functional fitness, and joint health - ultimately to improve discomfort/pain from bad habits, posture and injuries. Samuel has worked with numerous clients, from competitive CrossFit athletes to your everyday desk worker. It all started during his school days when he experienced numerous injuries and began to feel helpless when normal therapies, training, and rehab exercises didn't help him get over the injuries. Since than he made a promise to himself to help others make a come back, feel better, move better.

Wee Hoe (left in photo) is an ACE certified personal trainer. He works on improving his clients’ general health and fitness, habits formation, as well as breathing mechanics to improve posture and mobility. Having to go through multiple frustrations in the early part of his career led him to understand that there’s no one size fits all template. And he also understands how our human body asymmetries can lead to nagging tension, aches and reduction of strength. He believes that people can have the ability to make themselves move and feel better through their own exploration and awareness of their own body in space.

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