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Introduction to Kinstretch® - 5th Run

  • 12 Dec 2018
  • 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
  • ASPIRE55 STERLING - 51 Waterloo St, #01-06, Singapore 187969
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Kinstretch® workshop, defined as a movement enchantment system that develops maximum control, flexibility and usable ranges of motion, focuses on gaining control of your passive flexibility by using your muscles (rather than gravity) to attain improved mobility. Through science-based methods, without spiritual/mystical roots, Kinstretch® serves two purposes: improve usable ranges of motion and strengthen in these new ranges.

Kinstretch® helps to improve joint function and longevity, by focusing on joint articular rotations which help stimulate the mechanoreceptors. This will also help in injury mitigation and injury management. 

A brief sequence on the rundown :

1) Introduce Kinstretch® (10mins)

2) Introduce CARs (Controlled articular rotations) to implement into a daily morning routine to help stimulate mechanoreceptors which improves joint range of motion ) less stiff, less ache feeling! (30-40mins)

3) Introduce breathing techniques

4) Full Kinstretch® introduction class (30-45mins) .

As we have limited slots for this class, please register early!

Date: 12 Dec 2018, Wednesday

Time: 10:00am - 12:00am 

Location: ASPIRE55 STERLING - 51 Waterloo St, #01-06, Singapore 187969

More about the instructor:

Samuel is a ACE certified personal trainer and also a FRC (functional range conditioning) mobility specialist. He works on improving his clients mobility, body functional fitness, and joint health to improve discomfort/pain from bad habits, posture and injuries. Samuel has worked with numerous clients, from competitive CrossFit athletes to your everyday desk worker. He also does massage therapy by practicing as a myoskeletal alignment therapist where he works to rid tension from the body by realigning and balancing tensegrity within the body. Why did he decide to do all this? It's because in his schooling days he has been injured quite a number of times, and he understands the feeling of helplessness where your normal massages, training, rehab exercises don’t do any good. Since than he made a promise to himself to help others make a come back, feel better, move better.

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