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Enablement approaches to successful ageing

27 Jan 2018 11:56 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Solutions for an ageing society should start from enablement policies. The next generation of older adults want independence, live at home and also dignity. When they are weak, let’s use rehabilitation and exercise to enable them to be stronger as they age, when they are in a nursing home, let’s use funding policies to motivate operators further to improve their functional abilities. When they they want employment opportunities, let’s get corporates motivated on innovative approaches to engage and retain older workers and enable them to work for as long as they desire. When they want to age at home, let’s look at improving building codes for all residential developments to look at age friendly universal design. And let’s look at home and the people around our immediate circles, what is our own reactions when they get weaker or experience pain? How do we enable and support them to continue doing the things they love and experiencing a good quality of life? In Asia, we have a huge dependence on domestic helpers to do things for our elderly parents as they age. Let’s try to get our helpers to organise social activities for our parents, accompany them to see their other ageing siblings and friends, take them shopping, to the markets or something fun. Helpers that help enable qualify of life for older people will be one step towards creating an ageing friendly world in Asia.

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