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Grandma went to a happy place

10 Jan 2017 9:40 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Sometimes we have a feeling about something but we just can't place it. Last night before I went to bed, I texted mum to ask her to meet me in the morning to visit mama. Our usual routine was to go in the afternoon. Somehow, I wanted to see her in the morning today. We arrived at 8+, Dad came along too.  Like all typical overly concerned caregivers, I went to ask the nurse whats Grandma's health stats for the morning. Her blood pressure was now 63/36, and she looked like she was breathing heavily, so the nurses got her some oxygen. By this point, Grandma had already gone without food and water for 5 days. I shared the info with my family. My aunty was also on the way over. Aunty arrived shortly, with a ang pow in tow, you see, mama was a big lottery fan, and she just won first prize a few days ago, aunty gave her the red packet and had some time to talk to mama too. Then all of us, together with the pastor were just chatting as usual in the room when we noticed that mama had left us, she just closed her eyes and went to a happy place.  Thank you mama, for giving me a chance to be by your side and the lifetime of love you have given me.

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