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Grandma Mary's Story - Inspirations for the future nursing home

15 Nov 2016 9:45 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

The future nursing home in my opinion is a skilled nursing facility with 24 hour care and high emphasis on rehabilitation and social engagement. We have our own rooms for privacy to be ourselves and decorated according to our own personalities. We are located walking distance to shops, cafes and the community. 

Residents move in only when they are frail and can no longer perform many of the daily living activities themselves. This might be the last place we will move into before we say "bye bye" to the world. The environment is energetic, engaging and happy. Funding is means tested and ability tested. In addition, it's also supported by private long term care insurance. 

Plus, facilities that improve health outcomes and physical conditions of the residents receive an annual funding bonus based on a pre-set list of benchmarks. We are old, but we can still be stronger as we age. Just a little slower, but we get there.

No matter what age we are, we will all have someone that is ageing around us that we care dearly for. But as we age, we need different options and choices too. From independent living for the active and able, to assisted living for those who need more help, skilled nursing for 24 hour care needs, etc. And greater focus on rehab and exercise as an integrated part of daily living and combined with social engagement, not just a segment on the time table. 

While we are a country great on healthcare and hardware, social isolation and loneliness can be the bigger killer. For those who visit their loved ones regularly in a nursing home, I would encourage you to smile and share some of that time by acknowledging some of the other elderly around you. Take the time to say hi, wave, smile. Small gestures can go along way. Not everyone gets regular visitors, and it does get lonely and boring for many elderly in the homes.

Recently, a social commentator in Singapore was filmed by Lien Foundation on her experience in living for two weeks in a local nursing home. “I didn’t prepare myself for how bad that actually was.” For 2 weeks, TV presenter Anita Kapoor lived like one of the elderly residents at a nursing home, for an upcoming social documentary. 

The full  #TalkingPoint episode at http://bit.ly/2fPmJfW

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