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Grandma Mary's Story - Good days and bad days

01 Nov 2016 1:06 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Although we have all come to accept that grandma is going through her end of life journey, nothing really quite prepares us to see her getting weaker. Some days, she looks really really frail, her hands are cold, her feet are cold, and she looks really tired. I am almost reluctant to head home at night, and even when I get home, i wake up often in the middle of the night, checking my phone, making sure its not on silent, and then convincing myself that I am over thinking before I head back to sleep again.  But I guess the great thing about grandma is that her mind is stronger than her body. And when I head back the next day, she is almost like a brand new person. She eats well, she is chatty, energetic and she is filled with life again. She is definitely shrinking, its inevitable, the weight loss, but I bet if we did a brain scan, she is definitely having a very healthy brain. Perhaps its her positive outlook in life that is helping her body over come this very tough period. Bright and optimistic, enthusiastic about life, she is always ready to overcome any challenges ahead. She has been bed ridden for two weeks now, but she is not giving up on her exercises. She is still trying to do what she can, moving her toes, lifting her feet, showing off her many exercise moves with her hands to me. 

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