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Grandma Mary's Story - Did we know she had cancer?

28 Oct 2016 2:36 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Did we know she had cancer? No. We found out only on Oct 13 when she was at A&E and the doctors told us. Did we guess? Yes. Cause she had been experiencing a rapid weight loss over the last few months. Maybe she knew something was wrong, but she didn't really want to get it checked, and we didn't insist either. Grandma has always had an active life, and fully independent. A few years back, she started using a walking stick, but she would still go about her daily activities on her own without help. She would go the near by market and kopitiam to meet her friends, do her hair and nails, every tuesday and thursday, she would volunteer at The Salvation Army Peacehaven Nursing Home in Changi, chatting with fellow elderly, exercising with them. I don't think she really knows what volunteer means, but she would start making friends with everyone from the staff to the more chatty elderly who where there with her, and she has a good buddy there, Lay Ha.  Grandma's current frailty and decline is difficult to see as a family member, but, its what I always envision it to be. She would be fit and healthy for as long as possible, the decline would be fast and she would go to sleep. I really wouldn't want her living in a nursing home for the next 10 years of her life. For Grandma, she valued being active, being amongst people and being independent. This was the quality of life she wanted, and she maintained it for as long as she could hold on. 

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