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1 Commonwealth Lane, One Commonwealth, #08-34, Singapore 149544
51 Waterloo Street, #01-06, Singapore 187969

Wellbeing Innovation Lab by ASPIRE55 is equipp
ed with HUR Health and Fitness equipments that is designed for older adults and suitable for all ages (above 13 years old). HUR equipments are designed to facilitate ease of use and a smart card system to enable independent and self-monitoring exercise routine. We use a 
strength training concept through our specialist equipment from Finland that is based on a number of international top professionals' knowledge in senior citizens' rehabilitation. One of those individuals is Welmed Labs' physiotherapist and researcher Gerd LaxĂ„back, who uses the Falls Prevention concept in her care and rehabilitation work. Her research particularly focuses on the connections of balance and muscular power when it comes to senior citizens. Participate in small group strength training classes specific for falls prevention, improve balance and prevent incontinence. Enjoy a cup of tea, coffee or milo after your workout. 

The exercise equipment with a smartcard system is designed for older adults and suitable for all ages (above 13 years old) to enable efficient and focused strength training in addition to providing an effective and measureable programme to promote proactive healthy ageing. To supplement the exercise equipment, Wellbeing Innovation Lab provides balance testing and body composition testing (segmental muscle mass measurements) to measure falls prevention balancing capabilities and overall physical wellbeing. 

ASPIRE55's facilitator(s) will be on-site to assist members to use the measurement and exercise equipment seamlessly support the training that will help them in friendly, non-clinical, non-intimating home style environment.  Gold ASPIRE55 Club Members will get 2 x strength training sessions once a week (96 sessions per year) and quarterly fitness progress report. Silver ASPIRE55 Club Members experience 4 X strength training sessions. 

In addition to strength training, Wellbeing Innovation Lab has designed the brain gym concept to simulate a fun and interactive environment to encourage older adults to engage in various mind-stimulating exercises to delay the on-set of dementia. ASPIRE55 FIT group fitness programme combines both strength training and brain gym to promote a holistic approach towards healthy wellbeing.

50+ Strength Training Group Workout Sessions (60 mins)


         Time Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun 
        8:30am FULL (1) to START FULL(1) to STARTFULL OPEN (1) -
        10:00am FULL FULL


        11:30am FULL FULL


        2:00pm FULL OPEN (1) FULL FULL FULL FULL -
        3:30pm FULL FULLFULL OPEN (2) FULL OPEN (2) -
        5:00pm FULL - - FULL - OPEN (4) -
        5:30pm - - OPEN (5) - - - -
        6:00pm - OPEN (2)  -  (3) to START - -
        6:30pm (1) to START  - - TBC (4) - - -
        7:00pm - - FULL - - - -
        7:30pm - FULL - - OPEN (2) - -

*Last updated on 13 Jul 2018



         Time Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun 
        8:15am OPEN (3) (3) to START - OPEN (3) (3) to START (3) to START   -
        10:00am (3) to START OPEN (2) - FULL FULL (3) to START -
        11:30am OPEN (4)OPEN (2) - OPEN (1)
OPEN (2) (3) to START -
        2:00pm FULL
FULL - FULLTBC (2)  (3) to START -
        3:30pm FULL 1-1 - 1-1 FULL1-1 -
        5:00pm OPEN (5)
OPEN (4) 
OPEN (4)  (3) to START -
        6:15pm  -  - OPEN (4)   -  
        6:30pm (3) to START - (3) to START (3) to START  
        6:45pm - OPEN (1) - - - -

*Last updated on 5 Jul 2018

OPEN (): timeslot currently available to join (number of slots left before full)

TBC (): timeslot currently awaiting for date of commencement (number of slots left before full)

() to START: (number of slots left before commencement) timeslot will be made available when there are at least 3 pax

FULL: timeslot currently fully occupied

1-1: timeslot closed for personal training session

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